Bully Barbells

2.5" to 5"
Helps support
  • Boredom Busting Boredom Busting
  • Dental Hygiene Dental Hygiene
  • Muscle Development Muscle Development
Recommended for
  • Light Chewer Light Chewer
  • Moderate Chewer Moderate Chewer
  • Power Chewer Power Chewer
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Our Redbarn Promise

When you choose Redbarn, you can be confident that you are giving your pet a safe,wholesome product.

Beef Pizzle.
Calories: N/A
Country of Origin: Paraguay
Shelf Life: 36 months
Unit Of Measure: length
Length: 2.5" to 5"
  • No Preservatives, Chemicals, or Artificial Flavors
  • Barbell Design Keeps Dogs Mentally Stimulated
  • Highly Palatable, Long Lasting Chew
  • Single Ingredient Chew
  • Supports Dental Health
  • All Natural & Grain-Free
Always monitor your dog while rewarding with a chew. Swallowing pieces could cause chocking. Hard chews could damage a dog’s teeth. Chew should be larger than your dog’s mouth. Always supply fresh drinking water.
Beef Pizzle.

Redbarn is the No.1 Manufacturer of Bully Sticks!

We source our Redbarn Bully Sticks from free-range, grass-fed cattle in South America. After forming lasting relationships with some of the most reputable cattle ranchers, our co-founders decided to purchase a manufacturing plant in Paraguay. This decision not only ensured our premium Bully items were sourced from the best but could meet our same U.S. standards of manufacturing while maintaining an affordable price point for our pet parents. 

Today ,Bully Sticks are our most popular product— and for good reason! These all-natural, highly digestible chews are made from a single ingredient, beef pizzle (a muscle), and slow-roasted in their own juices for maximum flavor. But they do more than pack a powerful punch of flavor. They work overtime to support your dog’s muscle development, while the natural act of chewing helps support their Dental health by gently massaging their gums and scraping away plaque and tartar buildup. 

Our unique shapes— rings, springs, barbells, and tangles— spice up your dog’s chewing routine as they happily figure out how to wrap their mouth around their favorite shape. A genuinely delicious and nutritious boredom-busting chew!

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Bully Barbells Extra Information
No Rawhide
No Rawhide
All Natural
All Natural
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Harlow S.
The best!

I have a 6lb pomeranian that only likes bully sticks and specifically RedBarn. The little springs, barbells and rings are the perfect size for her and this is the only brand that doesn't upset her little tummy. I personally love that it's an American made product and I know exactly what she is consuming. Highly recommend!

The best !!!

These are the best treats ever!!! My dog LOVES them!!! He can’t get enough!

Top Chew in my arsenal :)

The barbells are fantastic! I love the barbells especially because my dog Tyson can focus on each side for some time. It gives him more of a challenge! These are amazing also whenever I have to leave him at home during work or other activities. One of the top chews in the market

Chelsea P.

We got Sienna when she was 7 weeks old. Her first trip home in the car was accompanied by a Red Barn bully stick. Now she’s 4 months old and we have graduated to something a little more durable. This barbell is great for occupying a teething puppy. Not sure what we would do without these. I did a lot of research and these are by far the best edible chew brand. Thank you Red Barn for making a trustworthy product!

Cora B.
a good challenge for my tiny dog

It’s hard to find my chihuahua mix good chews because they’re usually too big for him and he gets bored quickly. Something about the size and style of the small ones of these, he just loves! The only ones he will ever finish.. even if it takes a few days. I love the simple natural ingredients.

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