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Are you purchasing Redbarn for a Small Business? We've got a program for that! Redbarn's Small Business Program will allow you to purchase bulk orders at a small business discount and gives you access to our wonderful Small Business Specialist to give you any one-on-one guidance or help that you need.

  • Program Highlights:
    We provide ground service shipping on standard orders.
  • Orders must meet a $300 minimum order.
  • Only cases are discounted, singles will be sold at standard web pricing.
  • Note your resale number with expiration date if you plan to retail.
  • Large orders will most likely ship LTL which will take an extra 2-4 days of processing time.
  • A surcharge of $100 will be charged to all orders over 200lb, to accommodate freight shipping.
  • We do not expedite orders. If you need an order delivered by a certain time frame, please ensure that you get your order in on time to make your delivery date.
  • We highly recommend opting in to receive our email newsletter so you will be notified of any Redbarn promotion, sales, buying deals, or special discount codes that you can use/apply to your online orders.

If you have a small business and would like to know if you qualify for the Program, please fill out the below form.

Thank you!