The adorable paws, the floppy ears, the soft snuggles, puppies are the best but need a lot of care. While you are busy potty training, teaching tricks, and protecting your shoes, trust Redbarn to give your new pup all the nutrition they need. Whether this is your first walk around the block or you’re already a pro, always feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have about our products. This page has parenting advice to help guide you through your new adventure. 


We understand that the first few days with a new canine companion can be filled with uncertainty so we've put together the ultimate guide for what you'll need to care for your sweet, new addition so you can just relax and get to know each other. Take our Puppy-Proofing 101: The Ultimate New Puppy Checklist article with you on your first outing to the pet store so you'll be able to watch your puppy and we'll be there to remind you what you need.

What's Next?

Just like people say to the parents of a new baby, "Enjoy every minute because the time flies by." The same is true with a puppy! They reach multiple milestones all in a matter of weeks. Read our What to Expect During Your Puppy's First Months to get a better idea of what to expect in the next coming weeks.

Find the Right Food

A growing puppy needs all the nutrition possible to make sure they mature into a strong and healthy adult. It is best to make sure the food you're giving your puppy is formulated for puppies or all life stages. There are a few other important details that you can decipher using what we call label language. Reading Decoding the Label will give you the tools to know what is, and is not, healthy in a dog food.

Training Your Dog

The majority of puppies and dogs are eager to please their owners. Although puppies can be pretty hyper, they want to impress you with their ability to listen and learn! Here are some tips to DIY Dog Training and also some Common Mistakes to avoid.

Destruction Deterrents

We all know how much love a puppy can provide, but sometimes they will go through a destructive phase or act out for some other reasons. There are hints as to why they are being destructive. Are they bored? Maybe if it happens when you're away from home, they are acting out due to anxiety. Some good solutions for many problems that may arise during the puppy and young adult phase is to always make sure to get your dog enough exercise and always have some boredom-busters on hand.

Still Unsure?

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Before Redbarn, we remember the frustration of trying to find natural dog and cat treats with honest marketing. It’s why we value integrity and transparency today. We take the extra time to conduct necessary research, to ensure a product is 100 percent safe, and to make sure we’re truthful in every statement we make.

Natural is not just a trend for Redbarn. It’s a philosophy baked into our company’s founding back in 1996. Our family cooks products that not only speak to current trends or desires, but genuinely help support the health, wellness, and longevity of our pets.

As we continue to embrace our roots, we find ourselves energized by the increasing interest of pet parents into the nutritional and functional benefits of what they feed their pets. Through our educational blog content, social media channels, in-store materials (and more!), we look forward to helping you become an educated pet parent, whether you choose Redbarn Pet Products or not.