Redbarn Gives Back

Redbarn Team January 02, 2024
Redbarn Gives Back

As our family-owned business grows larger and larger, it allows us the opportunity to give back to animals in need and organizations making a difference. 

We've partnered with several organizations across the country by donating food and treats, volunteering at their facilities, or bringing awareness to their organizations. Here are some of the organizations we partner with:

Golden Belt Humane Society

Next door to our Redbarn facility in Great Bend, KS is the Golden Belt Humane Society. Golden Belt is a nonprofit animal rescue that provides shelter and medical care to animals from all over Kansas.

Being so close allows us to donate thousands of products to the shelter including treats, chews, dog food, and cat food. We currently send bags of dog food and treats each month to support the pups in the shelter, and even donated over 10,000 pounds of canned cat food in January 2022! 

The Golden Belt Humane Society also has connections with many other shelters in the state, and is able to send supplies, food, and care to them when they are in need. Learn more about the Golden Belt Humane Society on their Facebook page!

Collagen of the different products Redbarn has donated to the Golden Belt Humane Society


The spcaLA is an independent, nonprofit animal welfare organization serving Southern California since 1877! The organization not only rescues animals of all species, but also provides services like Cruelty Investigations, Disaster Animal Response Teams, and Violence Prevention & Humane Education. 

Redbarn's first home, and current corporate office, is located in Long Beach, CA, and is surrounded by many of spcaLA's locations. We've not only been able to donate hundreds of pet products to their shelters, but also support their local events and volunteer at their Long Beach shelter. On National Rescue Dog Day, our team visited the shelter and spent the day repainting benches and tables, cleaning their market, and visiting with the adoptable animals.

Collage of Redbarn donating products and volunteering at spcaLA

Recently, we visited the spcaLA shelter to spread some holiday cheer to the dogs looking for their forever homes! Our Redbarn Santa Claus delivered a donation of treats, chews, and food, and fed each shelter pup some delicious Air Dried Food. You can watch the full video on our Instagram page

Right now, you can use the promo code SPCALA on our website to have 10% of your order total donated to the animals at the shelter. As a thank you, you will also receive 5% off your order!

Meet all the animals for adoption at the spcaLA at

Collage of Santa Claus giving treats to shelter dogs

Hindi's Libraries

Hindi's Libraries is a nonprofit organization on a mission to provide books to children all over the world who otherwise wouldn't have them available. They have collected over 275,000 books which they've donated to more than 650 organizations throughout the world.

In 2022, we partnered with Hindi's "Pages for Paws" fundraiser, promising a full day of food for a shelter dog for every book about animals donated to their cause. During the fundraiser, Hindi's collected over 3,000 animal themed books, totaling 30 days of food for 100 shelter animals! 

Read more about Hindi's Libraries' mission and learn how to donate books at

Collage of Hindi's Libraries Pages for Paws Fundraiser Promos and Redbarn Dog Food Donated

National Institute of Canine Service and Training

Previously known as Dogs4Diabetics, the National Institute of Canine Service and Training (NICST) is a "trailblazer in the field of medical and wellness service dogs." For 15 years, NICST has been training dogs to alert their diabetic owner of changes in blood sugar through verbal and physical cues. The training process takes many months of hard work and dedication from both the trainer and the dogs.

Redbarn has been a treat sponsor for NICST since 2019, donating training treats on a monthly basis. With the training process being so repetitive, our Protein Puffs are the perfect low-calorie training tool, with less than one calorie per puff. 

Learn more about NICST at

Announcement of Redbarn becoming the treat sponsor for NICST

Semper K9

Another amazing organization we've partnered with is Semper K9. Veteran Christopher Baity and his wife, Amanda, founded Semper K9 in 2014 as an organization that rescues dogs from shelters and trains them to be service dogs for disabled service members. Best of all, these service members receive their trained companion at no cost. 

Redbarn has been partnered with Semper K9 since 2020, and has donated hundreds of treats for the service dogs in training. We've also had the opportunity to donate treats for their graduation gift bags, celebrating the accomplishments of these incredible dogs, and providing treats for their new owners.

Learn more about Semper K9 and their mission at

Semper K9 staff and Volunteers, and products donated by Redabarn