What Are Collagen Chews?

Redbarn Team May 14, 2021
What Are Collagen Chews?
picture of Beef Hide layersRedbarn’s all-natural Collagen Chew collection, sourced from bovine collagen, transforms chew time into your dog’s spa day. 

These all-beef chews are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, including sticks, braids, a ring, and a spring. They are 100% natural and are free from grain, gluten, wheat, corn, and soy. They are naturally rich in chondroitin and glucosamine, which support healthy joints, healthy skin and a beautiful, shiny coat.   

They are packed with protein! Collagen is a protein found below the top layer of skin in both animals and humans. It is one of the key components of connective tissues. Think of it as the ‘glue’ that helps hold the body together. Collagen has higher protein and less fat than traditional rawhide treats and digests much easier.

The chews are prepared using an all-natural process that cuts and sterilizes the product, similar to how our cow ears are prepared. Redbarn’s Collagen Sticks are then pressed and rolled. They are supplied by an approved and trusted Redbarn partner in Brazil. The Collagen Braids, Ring, and Spring are shaped and include a natural flavor for color. They are produced at a Redbarn-owned facility in Paraguay. As natural products, these Collagen Chews will vary slightly in color, size, shape and texture. 

There is a Collagen Chew for all sizes of dogs and any type of chewer. They are a great chew to distract a dog and avoid any damage to shoes or furniture.