13 Fall Activities to Do With Your Dog

Redbarn Team September 17, 2021
13 Fall Activities to Do With Your Dog

Let the fall festivities begin! It’s easy to see why fall is most Americans' favorite season: beautiful autumn colors, delicious food, fun outdoor activities, and of course, Halloween and Thanksgiving. There’s nothing quite like putting on a cozy sweater and spending time with your best friends, especially your best four-legged friends.  

From cute crafts to adventuring outdoors, there are so many fall activities that you and your dog can enjoy together. Here are 13 awesome ways you can make the most of the season:

 1. Make Fall-Themed Bandanas and Collars 

Let’s be honest, nothing makes your dog feel more special than a fresh new collar or bandana. This season, treat them to new fall-themed accessories to help them get into the holiday spirit. You can even go a step further and make your own! Fabric and hobby stores always have fall and Halloween-themed fabric that’s perfect for bandanas, plus you can add extra buttons and designs to really make it your own. 

2. Bake Pumpkin Doggie Treats 

Did you know that pumpkin is a great fruit (yes, fruit) for your dog? It’s true! Pumpkin is beneficial for your dog’s digestive system, which is why we put it in our own products like Redbarn Dry Dog Food. A fun activity to do with your dog is to make homemade pumpkin dog treats! Check out these delicious Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Dog Treats bAllRecipes.com, or test your baking skills with Crazy for Crust’s Pumpkin Doggie Cupcakes.

Looking for even more ideas? Here are 10 Spooky Homemade Halloween Treats for Dogs!

 3. Play in a Pile of Leaves 

Kids aren’t the only ones who enjoy playing in fresh fall leaves. Raking up a big pile of leaves is a great way to spend some outdoor time with your pup (and cleaning up the yard in the process isn’t too bad either). Throw your dog’s favorite toys in the pile to encourage them and prove it’s safe, and don’t be afraid to jump in yourself!  

 4. Have a Horror Movie Marathon 

A horror movie marathon is the perfect way to spend a rainy fall day, and it allows you to have some one-on-one time with your best pal. Grab some blankets, popcorn, and your dog’s favorite treats and head over to the couch for a night of scares and cuddles. 

 5. Make a Halloween Blanket 

While you’re picking out fabric to make your pup a new fall bandana, stop by the fleece section and check out the Halloween patterns! Fleece tie blankets are simple to make, don't require any sewing, and perfect for dogs to snuggle up in. Watch Cutesy Crafts’ How to Make a Tie Blanket From Fleece tutorial for step-by-step instructions on crafting these comfy blankets. 

 6. Visit a Pumpkin Patch 

Most of us visit pumpkin patches during the fall, so why not bring your dog along with you? They’ll have a great time exploring the patch with you, and they can even sniff out their own pumpkin to take home. 

We recommend calling the pumpkin patch ahead of time to make sure dogs are allowed. 

7. Decorate / Carve a Pumpkin 

Not all jack-o-lanterns have to be scary, some can be adorable! Put your pumpkin carving skills to the test and carve an image of your dog on a pumpkin, or if you prefer, paint their precious face on it instead. Another fun option is to paint your pumpkin white, dip your dog’s paws in colorful, pet-safe paint, and press their paws onto the pumpkin making it their own!  

8. Take Halloween Photos 

Do you know what’s better than dogs? Dogs in Halloween costumes! Whether you want to make your own or purchase one at the pet store, dressing up your dog in a funny or creepy costume is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face. Have an awesome photoshoot and share the pictures with your friends, family, and fellow dog lovers. Who knows, your pup may become internet famous! 

9. Host a Doggie Halloween Party 

Invite your friends and their dogs to a fun-filled day of play time, yummy treats, and a costume contest. Check out our Halloween Pawty Pinterest Board for fun ideas! If you don’t have time or resources to host a doggie Halloween party, search for public ones happening in your area.  

10. Go for a Hike 

Now that the temperature is cooling down, it’s the perfect time to go hiking with your best friend. Enjoy the crisp, autumn air as you view the beautiful fall colors. Be sure to bring some snacks for your dog to munch on along the way, like our Protein Puffs or 4oz Rolled Food.  

11. Take a Cabin Trip 

Unplug and take a break from your everyday life with a fun cabin trip with your furry friend. You’ll love the time away and your dog will love all the new smells! Enjoy even more outdoor time, and if you can, take your pup canoeing on a lake before it gets too cold. 

12. Make Doggie S’mores 

Whether you're by the campfire, have a fireplace at home, or are using a gas stove, making s’mores for you and dog-friendly s’mores for your pup is great fall fun! Golden Woofs has an easy DIY Dog Safe S’mores recipe your dog is sure to find delicious, and Gone to the Snow Dogs has a video tutorial for their own version of dog-safe s’mores. 

 13. Introduce Fall Foods to Your Dog’s Diet 

From turkey to sweet potatoes, we all love the foods that come with the fall season. Adding some of these foods into your dog’s daily diet is a great way for them to get extra nutrition, as well as keep them interested in their meals. Here’s a list of fall foods perfect for your pup, as well as a few blog links on how to prepare them!  

Have some dog-friendly activities not mentioned on our list? Comment below with your suggestions!