The Importance of Your Dog's Gut Health

Sarah Carroll October 09, 2023
The Importance of Your Dog's Gut Health

We are excited to announce another addition to our Family of Foods, Air Dried Gut Health & Digestion Dog Food. This food is packed with high-quality, nutritious ingredients to support your dog’s healthy digestion and a healthy gut. Our Gut Health & Digestion recipes include scientifically supported ingredients! Prebiotics and Postbiotics help promote a healthy gut biome and improve digestion.

What is the Difference?

We took time to craft our Gut Health & Digestion Recipes, partnering with TruMune® for our Proprietary postbiotic. This patented process included animal feeding studies, biological testing for product consistency, quality, and efficacy, and our own in-house studies.

Your dog will get the same high quality, limited ingredient, animal protein-focused recipes you’ve come to know & love from Redbarn - with added functional ingredients for a healthy gut. Ingredients like Dried Yeast, Miscanthus Grass, Fructooligosaccharides (FOC), and our proprietary postbiotics are in every Air Dried Gut Health & Digestive Recipe to help support a healthy, balanced microbiome in your dog’s gut.

Why is Gut Health Important?

A dog’s healthy gut provides a variety of benefits that enable your dog to live the life they deserve! A balanced microbiome supports vitality, balanced immunity, increased longevity, and improved stool quality! Read on to learn more about the importance of a healthy gut to your dog’s overall health.

A graphic highlighting the benefits of dog's gut health

What is the Microbiome? And What Does the Microbiome do?

Just like humans, dogs are hosts to a community of microorganisms, like bacteria, fungi, and parasites - and the majority of these microbes live in the gut. A healthy microbiome is a balanced microbiome. That is where our carefully selected ingredients come in!

A gut microbiome helps with:

  • Protection against disease-causing microbes, called pathogens.
  • Digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Immune function

What are Prebiotics? Probiotics? Postbiotics?

It’s a lot of biotics! These good bacteria are used to support your dog’s gut health, and there are three different types.


Think of Prebiotics and fiber as the fuel for beneficial microorganisms in the gut. In our recipes, we have included miscanthus grass, fructooligosaccharides, and yeast to provide nourishment to the good bacteria in your dog’s gut, as well as providing the fiber needed to support stool regularity.


Probiotics are the gut microbes themselves – live bacteria that make metabolites, which are associated with the health-promoting aspects of the gut ecosystem. This includes strengthening the barrier against infection, in addition to antibacterial, immune modulating, and anti-inflammatory aspects. 


Postbiotics are beneficial amino acids, vitamins, short-chain fatty acids (and more!) that support your dog’s gut health. Postbiotics are the result of fermentation - the probiotic activity in the gut. As intestinal microbes consume prebiotic fiber, the result of that fermentation or consumption is known as postbiotics or beneficial metabolites.

Our Gut Health and Digestion food includes a proprietary 100% natural postbiotic that is fermented through a precise, patented process that creates probiotic metabolites. These support your dog’s gut health, facilitate the optimal balance of bacteria in the gut, and have been proven to promote a healthier microbiome and help support sensitive stomachs.

Highlights of gut health for dogs

The Ingredients

These specific ingredients were developed for our Air Dried Gut Health and Digestion dog food to support your dog’s healthy gut

  • Dried Yeast: Excellent source of digestible amino acids and prebiotics that show positive effects on the microbial compositing, activity.
  • Miscanthus Grass: Over 80% fiber makes it a healthy source of fiber supporting digestive health and stool regularity.
  • Fructooligosaccharides (FOS): A fiber source that provides nourishment for beneficial bacteria to survive and thrive in your dog’s gut.
  • Postbiotic: Vitamins B and K, amino acids, and substances called antimicrobial peptides that help to slow growth of harmful bacteria.

Like our other Air Dried Recipes these premium dog food recipes are limited ingredient and animal protein focused! Made with 85% or more Fish, Chicken & Turkey, or Beef & Lamb. An appetizing and nutrient-rich mealtime your dog will love!

Want to know more about why gut health matters to the health of your dog? In our next blog post, we’ll discuss how – in our testing – dogs fed Redbarn’s propriety postbiotic experienced many improvements to their overall health and well-being. Stay tuned!