Why I’m Thankful for My Cat Giveaway

Jocelyn Bishop
November 4, 2019

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Why are you thankful for your cat? This season, The Redbarn Family is giving you a chance to win some very special prizes for you and your fur baby! Be sure to follow our giveaway paw-tners, @mytabcat and @petstages!


Why I’m Thankful For My Cat Giveaway


Special thanks to our giveaway paw-tners, Tabcat and PetStages!

Redbarn Filets Flaked in BrothRedbarn Filets Flaked in Broth or Gravy prepared with fresh filets of wild-caught fish or high-quality poultry, marinated in a culinary broth, and topped with fresh ingredients, not “goo”!  

Redbarn Protein Puffs for Cats   – Protein Puffs are only 1 calorie per treat! These treats come in three flavors and are packed with essential amino acids and completely free from sugar, grains, and anything artificial. 

TabCat Pack – Multi-award-winning cat tracking technology!

Tabcat’s NO.1 BESTSELLING Cat Tracking Device

  • Locate your cat or kitten if they get lost
  • Directs you where to walk to find them
  • 2 Homing Tags and 2 Protective cases supplied in pack (1 for each cat)

PetStagesHas your cat ever surprised you with a sneak attack? Cats that suddenly jump on your or attack your feet as you’re walking by may be bored and in need of stimulation. Like dogs, cats need mental and physical stimulation every day. Be sure to play with your cats and keep them busy with their new Sushi Bento Box Cat Toys, Dental Health Pair Chews, and a Crunch and Wrestle Fish ! 




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