Introducing Redbarn Ice Cream

Redbarn Ice Cream

So here's the scoop. We're extremely excited to announce our new Redbarn Ice Cream line! Made from your dog's favorite ingredients, we've perfected the delicious blend of sweet and savory. Best of all, YOU can enjoy it too! That's right, this ice cream is for humans too.

Fall in love with sensational flavors like Chicken Chip, Lamb'licious, and Bully Stick Blast. Doesn't that sound yummy??? Our Toad Tracks is packed with Chew-A-Bulls Dental Treats with the yummy cumin taste. Mmmm, cumin.

For Redbarn, this is a cream come true. Check out all of our flavors below and don't forget to snag that coupon at the bottom. 😉


Sorry, but chicken and beef in ice cream? Really?? We hope we gave you a good laugh and apologize if you were looking forward to trying Cheese n' Bacon ice cream... that one we could get behind.

Please feel free to use the promo code APRILFOOLS to receive 15% off your order at! Offer expires April 7, 2023, can't be used on subscriptions.