Halloween Cat Safety 101

Jocelyn Bishop
October 10, 2013

Pet Safety


Soon there will be ghosts, goblins, witches, and monsters roaming the streets, tapping at your door, and ringing your doorbell with the infamous chant “trick-or-treat,” while in search of tasty sweets and goodies. Halloween is a joyous time for children and many adults claim it to be their favorite time of year, but if you have a cat, it can be very frightening and stressful. That feline pet companion relies on you for protection from these “scary beasts” and other possible dangers. If you are the pet parent of a cat, or two, or more, there are some Halloween cat safety tips you can follow to reduce the tension and stress of this ghostly, spooky holiday.

1.Collars, tags, or microchips

Be sure that your house cat, as well as any outdoor pets, are wearing identification at all times, such as a collar and tags or microchip, in the event of loss. If you have an outdoor cat, it can be even more disturbing because of pranksters that roam the streets along with the friendly goblins. If at all possible, confine your outdoor cat as well as you would your house cat with the same offered amenities. It is only for a few hours and the tension from being locked up for a short period of time is much more beneficial than the stress and torture encountered if left outdoors.

 2.Provide a safe space

Be prepared before the special trick-or-treat hours occur to ensure that your cat can’t get out of the door accidentally when the tapping and rapping begins. A gate at the doorway can work in some cases, but may not be the best option for cats that can jump higher than most dogs. When it comes to cats, it is usually best to confine them to a special room in the home, away from the front door. Include the litter box, toys, a bed or favorite blanket, and water. You may even choose to provide some soothing background music that may relax your pet and avoid any stress.

3.Let them join in on the fun

Some felines, not many, have social behavior similar to that of a dog and love to be around their pet parents most of the time, for love and attention. If your cat is very social, you may even choose to dress them up for the holiday. Kids thoroughly enjoy seeing pets dressed in their costume-best outfits. Just be sure you choose something that fits comfortably, is not confining, and does not interfere with seeing and breathing. Avoid costumes with small parts like tassels, dangles, and jewels that can be chewed off and swallowed. The costume should be tried on prior to the day of festivities and if kitty gets too stressed out, forget the outfit, and choose a pretty bandana or collar.

Looking for a little costume inspiration for your cat? Check out these pet costumes perfect for Halloween!

4.Beware of candy and wrappers

Further indoor safety tips include keeping all candy and treats out of reach from all pets. Sugar-free products contain Xylitol, which is very toxic, just like chocolate candies. Candy wrappers can cause intestinal problems if eaten. The candy dish should be covered and out-of-reach from the cat. For that special “candy” for kitty, keep a dish of small cat goodies nearby for a treat now-and-then. Redbarn’s Chicken, Whitefish, and Turkey Freeze Dried cat treats can be a good option as well. 😉

5.Secure the Halloween decorations

You alone know the activities and habits of your cat when it comes to decorating. Be cautious of carved jack-o-lanterns with lit candles that can be knocked over by a jumping, curious kitty. If you like to decorate with festive lights, statues, and other electrical ornaments or signs, then loose cords should be tied up out of sight from any inquisitive felines. The last thing you want for your cat is to chew on electrical cords and receive an electric shock.

6.Do your best

Some cats, despite all efforts and Halloween cat safety tips still get freaked out. They can be helped with calming products, along with being removed from the situation, to avoid any medical issues. You can speak with your veterinarian prior to Halloween and ask what he/she would recommend to provide your pet some comfort until day’s end, when the ghouls return to their caves and dens. As much as your feline is a member of your family, what you consider fun is not necessarily his or her idea of fun. Think from your cat’s perspective and you will be able to keep your cat safe and calm until the Halloween festivities come to a close. Your cat will feel so much better and so will you as the pet parent.

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