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We'll share with you some of our most important content about what to feed your pet and what important ingredients to look for in pet food.

Redbarn Premium Cat Filets

New! Redbarn Releases Premium Cat Filets

October 3, 2019

Cats can’t survive without meat—they’re carnivores!  But your cats aren’t just carnivores, they’re Feline Foodies!  And as #FelineFoodies, your

7 Safe Summer Fruits for Dogs

July 16, 2019

When the weather is beautiful, there are all types of activities you can do with your dog.  Visiting the

How to Safely Give Your Dog a Bully Stick

June 26, 2019

Bully sticks are a durable chew many dogs and pet owners love! They are a boredom-busting, stress-reducing treat

6 essentials of dog nutrition

6 Essential Nutrients Dogs Need to Thrive

June 25, 2019

As responsible dog parents, we want to give our family the best, starting with the foods we feed them. Just

Try Redbarn’s Latest Innovative Treats and Chews!

June 25, 2019

Redbarn Pet Products is eager to announce the launch of several thrilling new additions to our chew and

Bean here is just as curious as you are about this about this innovative treat for cats and dogs!

What are Protein Puffs?

June 25, 2019

Looking for the perfect treat for your cat and/or dog has become an exhausting task! Down one aisle

6 Essential Nutrients Cats Need to Thrive

6 Essential Nutrients Cats Need to Thrive

April 15, 2019

You’ve arrived at your local pet supply store. Standing in the cat food aisle, you find yourself surrounded

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