Bully Stick Gravy Now Available for Purchase!

Jocelyn Bishop
April 1, 2019

Company News


Ever wonder what makes our Bully Coated Chews so delicious? Or why your dogs love our canned stews?

It’s our unique Bully Gravy, made exclusively by Redbarn Pet Products! Made from a delectable blend of crushed Redbarn Bully Sticks, added functional ingredients, and antioxidants, how could a dog resist?

If your dog is a bully stick lover, they’re sure to do flips for our delicious Bully Gravy Recipe.


Did You Know?

Redbarn manufactures over 1 million inches of Bully Sticks every year.

If you lay them end to end, that’s over 15 miles!

So how do we make our famous Bully Gravy?

First, we melt down heaps of the All-Natural Redbarn Bully Sticks we all know and love. Next, we add in functional ingredients like chicken cartilage, salmon oil, and Vitamin E. These added ingredients are beneficial to your dog’s overall health and work to increase palatability even more.

The delicious Bully Gravy is proven to tempt even the most finicky eaters. That’s why we created a line of natural chews coated in a delectable “special sauce” that we’ve coined as our Redbarn Bully Gravy. Popular treats like Bully Slices®, Bully Nuggets, Chew-A-Bulls®, and our canned stews for dogs are all enhanced with a generous coating of our one-of-a-kind Bully Gravy.

But by popular request from our pet parents, we’ve decided to go one step further.

Now you can purchase your very own supply of Redbarn Bully Gravy! Perfect for dog trainers and doggie daycares, easily take any treat or chew to the next level with our irresistible Bully Gravy recipe.

Our Bully Gravy lets you get creative! From enhancing a boring meal or making an old bone worth chewing again, the uses for our Bully Gravy are nearly endless.

We’re proud to announce 55-gallon barrels of Redbarn Bully Gravy will be sold exclusively at pet specialty stores across the U.S. Be sure to get your Redbarn Bully Gravy for only $19.99 while supplies last!

You heard us right. Over 7,000 fluid ounces of our secret “sauce” all to yourself – now that’s something your dog has only dreamed of. We know this is exciting and you can’t wait to tell the entire dog park! When you do, be sure to say, “April Fools!”


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