Redbarn's Premium Cat Filets

Redbarn Team October 03, 20191 comment
Redbarn's Premium Cat Filets

Cats can’t survive without meat—they’re carnivores! 

But your cats aren’t just carnivores, they’re Feline Foodies!  And as #FelineFoodies, your cats are craving visually pleasing, delicious and nutritious meals.

Imagine being able to spoil your cat with an extravagant dining experience, enjoying breakfast in Paris, lunch in Milan or dinner at a lovely SOHO bistro. How fancy!  

Redbarn Filet Entrees for Cats

At Redbarn, we know just what you and your cat(s) truly want and deserve, and you don’t need to fly to a different country or an exotic island to get it. If you’re looking to treat your cat to a premium and purr-fectly delectable meal, it sounds like you should make the switch to Redbarn’s new cat food, Filets Flaked in Broth! With delectable wild-caught fish and high-quality poultry flaked and marinated in a rich, culinary broth, our Filets are high-quality and highly irresistible. 

So irresistible; in fact, even the pickiest of cats will be left meowing for more. 

“This is the loudest she’s ever been before food.”
-Paul Lares San Diego, California 

 “We listened to pet parents like you across the United States. With your support, we are proud to provide these new premium Cat Filets to our favorite feline family members. You can see the fresh ingredients in most of these Filets, from real pieces of pumpkin to full shrimps and shredded chicken.” Lindsay Tracy, Redbarn’s Director of New Business and Product Development said. “And, all canned recipes are grain and gluten-free including no corn or soy.

We have a focus on fresh protein. Some cat foods use meat by-products as the primary source of protein with an appearance that can make any loving cat parent gag and recoil. Because of this, feeding your cat can be a sticky, stinky, messy experience. 

Now imagine this… 

You open a can of cat food at mealtime and are pleasantly surprised by ingredients you can recognize?! You check the label to see if you opened your own can of tuna by mistake!

New Premium Redbarn Cat Filets Flaked in Broth are a full feed, complete and balanced entreé featuring wild-caught red meat tuna and salmon; high-quality chicken and turkey; and whole baby shrimp you can actually see!  With protein so fresh, “The Redbarn Difference” is clear. Pet parents can feel great about feeding Redbarn Filets as their cat(s) enjoys the delicious taste. 

Each Filet is complete with fresh ingredients and essential vitamins and minerals. comes with our no-goo guarantee and is backed by the safety and high-quality standards you expect from Redbarn. 

“My cat is extremely picky about his food. He loved both the Chicken & Tuna and the Tuna & Salmon flavors. I love that the food is naturally derived and healthy! It’s made with real, recognizable ingredients that I can feel good about purchasing for my pet. Highly recommend!”
-Dee Hake, Brookline, Massachusetts 

Canned wet food can be an excellent source of hydration for pets who don’t drink enough water. Because canned cat food has higher water content than dry food, your cat can enjoy larger portions per meal; without adding more calories to their diet and in turn helping them maintain a healthier weight. The higher moisture content also helps your pet avoid common medical problems like urinary tract infections (UTIs). 

Did you know? – The water percentage in pet food becomes increasingly more important when an animal is ill, lives in a hot climate, and as they age.

Deep Dive

What is Red Meat Tuna? 

The tuna used to craft our Filets is red meat tuna.

The red meat of tuna fish is the metabolically active muscle that allows tuna to swim for long periods of time without rest. The meat’s red pigment comes from high myoglobin (MY-O-GLO-BIN) content. This high myoglobin content allows the muscle to transfer more oxygen through the body, thus providing it with more energy. It’s also what gives the meat a strong flavor preferred by cats. Rich in protein, red tuna supports muscle growth and a healthy digestive tract. 

Benefits of Red Tuna

Red meat tuna is rich in Taurine, an essential nutrient for cats that helps support healthy eyes and heart. It’s also full of omega-3 fatty acids, helping support healthy skin and shiny coats. And, last but not least, red meat tuna is rich in vitamin D to support healthy bones and teeth. 

Did you know? Red tuna contains:

  •       Four times the fat of light meat tuna
  •       Five  times the selenium of light meat tuna
  •       10 times the iron of light meat tuna
  •       Four  times the vitamin D of light meat tuna
  •       9 times the taurine of light meat tuna
  •       Twice the fat as flaked chicken
  •       20 times the selenium of chicken breast
  •       25 times the iron of chicken breast
  •       40 times the Omega 3 fatty acids of chicken breast
  •       13 times the taurine of chicken breast

Features You’ll Love

  •       Wild Caught Tuna and Salmon
  •       High-Quality Chicken & Turkey 
  •       Real Pumpkin 
  •       Available in Multi-Packs 
  •       Free from Grains, Corn, Soy, and Gluten 
  •       No Artificial Preservatives, Flavors, or Colorings 
  •       Full Feed  

Feeding Guide: Feed 2-3 cans per day for every 10 lbs of body weight for an adult cat. Adjust feeding based on your cat’s activity level.

Nutrition Statement: Redbarn Naturals Filets are formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Cat food profiles for the proper health of an Adult Cat. 

Shelf Life: 3 Years

Available Flavors: Tuna & Turkey, Chicken & Tuna, Tuna & Pumpkin, Tuna & Salmon, Salmon & Shrimp

Treat your cat to something healthy and tasty for them, and visually appealing for you. You’re the one who has to feed them, after all! Our Cat Filets are so good, you’ll want to hand feed them from a fork. Filets are available in 2.8oz cans, packs of 12, and a variety pack so your cat can try all flavors. 

The Filets variety pack includes 3 Chicken & Tuna, 3 Tuna & Turkey, 2 Salmon & Shrimp, 2 Tuna & Salmon, and 2 Tuna & Pumpkin. Individual cans and cases of single flavors are also available at select retailers.

Bon appetit!